On Waiting

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On Waiting

On Waiting:

Waiting drives me crazy. It triggers my fix-it button, especially while I wait in a slow line. First, I shuffle my feet. Second, I crank my neck to check out the shortest line, then I dart into it. Of course, that is when the grocery store checker calls for a price check.

I’ve even been known to take drastic measures while waiting. Like when I was a miserable nine months, two weeks, three days and one hour pregnant. And though my doctor concurred that I was overcooked, he rarely induced labor. To make matters worse, my mother-in-law had come, from out of town, to wait with me.

And so, with my hormones in full throttle, I decided that my doctor was too conservative and that one of God’s angels failed to record my baby’s birthday. It was an urgent fix-it moment. And my compassionate mother-in-law agreed to help me. Actually, she would’ve done anything to avoid my frantic tears and to keep peace in our family. My first plan: We drove over bumpy roads. That didn’t work. Second Plan: She poured castor oil in a glass. I drank it. O how proud my thinking became while I gulped that putrid remedy, If you want something done, just do it yourself. Three hours later—I waited from the seat of a toilet.

Of course, in the case of childbirth, we realize that the waiting period will expire near the nine-month period. But how do we handle waiting that has no obvious time limit? Like when we wait to receive the job offer? Or when we wait to hear the cancer is in remission? Or when we wait to hear our loved one’s surgery went well? We conclude: waiting isn’t easy.

Yet . . .”Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield” (Psalm 33:20 NASB).