Cruising above the clouds.

That is why I loved being a flight attendant. As I looked out an aircraft window, the endless blue sky and white expanse calmed me. During those inspiring seconds, God seemed to flip my thinking from downside to upside.
He nudged me to look at life through a different lens - to seek a heavenly perspective - to live above my circumstances.
He reminded me when, not if, my life on earth becomes unbearable that I must cling to His Word and His purpose.

And so I set my mind on the things above. But this story is not about me. It is about the Creator of the heavens and the earth - about how one day the Son of Man will come in a cloud.

With power and great glory, He will come. (Luke 21:27)

About Tomi

As a freelance writer and gifted encourager, Tomi motivates others. Springing from her personal experiences, whether it is working through challenges in marriage; being a breast cancer survivor; becoming an empty nester; or caring for an elderly parent, she trusts God.

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Baby Boomer Interests

Our Condo Shrunk

Becoming Retirement Pros — By Tomi Leslie

The funniest thing happened to my husband and me after retirement. Our condo shrunk. We retired three years ago. So seemingly we’re becoming the pros of our retirement.

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Breast Cancer Battle

Walking Along Pink Ribbon Road

– by: Tomi Leslie

“Try to relax,” the technician said as she removed the gown from my shoulder.

I stared into space. White walls shrunk before my eyes until I focused on a calendar.

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